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15 Peaks, 15,000+ Vertical Feet in 12 Hours: Mammut Athlete Crushes Monster Multisport Tour

Gary Ozeray had his gaze set on a wild circumnavigation of Annecy Lake — follow him as he sets out on this wild trail running, rock climbing, mountaineering adventure to set a new record.

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Towering mountain peaks surround Lake Annecy in France. For many, the beaches with their pristine alpine scenery are the big recreational draws. But for others, like Mammut athlete Gary Ozeray, it’s the alpine playground that’s enticing. And when Ozeray looked upon those peaks, he had a distinct vision for conquering them — one that plays out in Mammut’s latest feature video, La Ligne du Lac.

Ozeray, backed by his support team, wanted to circumvent the entire lake, bagging all 15 of its jagged peaks along the way. It would require trail running, climbing, and mountaineering. And he wanted to do it as fast as humanly possible.

So, early one morning he set out, feeling pressure and pre-performance jitters, followed by friends and a Mammut film crew. They captured the entire tour, which shows off what a well-rounded mountain athlete Ozeray truly is. There are terrifying moments, but there is also a lot of positive energy and motivation to glean from Ozeray’s insane objective.

If you want to know more about Ozeray, check out his Instagram page. For more videos like Ligne du Lac from Mammut, go to the brand’s YouTube page.

Runtime: 18 minutes

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