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Here’s Why Overlanders (and Tailgaters) Splurge on REDARC

From the rugged outback, to the youth baseball field and soccer pitch, REDARC provides people of all stripes with the power they need to adventure with confidence.

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Life on the road can be demanding. Long hauls, bad weather, desolate stretches — you never know what’s going to pop up. But regardless of where the road (or offroad) might take you — there’s one companion every road warrior needs: the REDARC Mobile Power System. 

Whether you’re navigating the untamed wilderness, transforming a van into a home on wheels, trekking to remote fishing spots, embarking on family road trips, or powering through a day’s work at a remote job site, REDARC stands as the unsung hero of your journey on wheels by providing the confidence to take on anything the journey throws at you.

Let’s dive into why this literal powerhouse is a game-changer for adventurers, and how it’ll vastly improve your next excursion.

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5 Types of Drivers Who Need REDARC

1. Overlanders

Overlanding is all about exploring remote regions where power and dependable cell service are long-gone luxuries. With the high levels of exposure that accompany wilderness exploration, a reliable power source serves to extend your field of exploration and makes the journey vastly more comfortable.

That said, REDARC helps overlanders power everything they need in remote areas — from lights to winches to refrigeration — even the coffee maker or induction cooktop.

The REDARC Mobile Power System eliminates your anxiety by allowing you to easily view power levels in real-time. And by adding gear from REDARC’s solar lineup to your rig, you can enjoy even more control and peace of mind.

It’s not just equipment; it’s also your lifeline in the wilderness. It’s rugged, ready to face life on the road, and smart enough to manage power from any source. 


2. Van Lifers

The van life movement isn’t just about skipping rent — it’s about freedom, creativity, and living on your terms. Space is a luxury, and efficiency is your best friend. And that’s where REDARC shines. 

Its compact, efficient power systems make every inch count, supporting your nomadic lifestyle from sunrise coffees to midnight stargazing sessions. It keeps your A/C running in hot environments, powers any appliance — and allows you to stay powered up and working from anywhere (even your Starlink connection!).

REDARC’s tech support team can help guide you through your DIY build, recommending what you need to power all of your essentials (and more) for your unique dream setup.

And with seamless solar integration, it champions your commitment to sustainable living, ensuring that your adventure leaves no trace.

3. Hunters & Anglers

Outdoor sports enthusiasts know the value of being fully prepared. Be it hunters, anglers, or the crew holding down camp, REDARC’s portable power solutions mean your gear is always charged, your lights are always bright, and your equipment’s always ready. 

Keep your fish finders charged and ready so you know where to look for the big catch! Long day out in the deer stand? REDARC guarantees that your camp fridge will be cool and ready with chilled beverages and a perfect spot waiting to store the spoils of your latest hunt or fish.

Fresh out of the field, REDARC gives your team peace of mind, knowing there’s a haven to recharge, reset, and enjoy the bounty of your latest mission in the field.


4. Family Travelers 

Family road trips are about exploration, laughter, and creating memories. That said, REDARC understands that safety and convenience don’t just enhance the journey; they’re essential. 

REDARC keeps your cameras and phones charged, so you’ll never miss a memory. It helps new parents heat up their baby bottles and throw impromptu movie nights in the middle of nowhere. And it helps RVers charge their batteries while they tow, so everything will be good to go once it’s time to take a rest.

With user-friendly systems that power everything from your kids’ tablets to mobile kitchen amenities (keeping your snacks and drinks cool), REDARC ensures that comfort is a constant companion.

Less far afield, there’s still plenty of use for REDARC. You can power a mobile fridge for your grocery runs, keeping your produce, dairy, and meats fresh, so you can keep going about your errands without worry. No more lugging around heavy coolers full of half-melted ice!

Similarly, it’s an ideal way to tailgate your kids’ little league baseball games and soccer matches. With REDARC, you’ll be the MVP (Most Valuable Parent).

Its versatility means you’re prepared for anything, turning every trip into an adventure — without the uncertainty of leaving amenities from home behind. 

5. Trade Professionals

For the builders, the creators, the fixers — every trade professional knows that time is money and reliability is non-negotiable.

REDARC’s robust systems ensure that your tools and external batteries are charged, and your equipment runs without a hitch, maximizing productivity and efficiency on any job site. No more idling — with REDARC, you no longer need to haul a generator everywhere you go.

Its durability and portability mean that no matter where your work takes you, REDARC is right there with you, the silent partner in your daily grind.


REDARC Powers Your Adventure 

REDARC isn’t just about power; it’s about empowering adventurers, wanderers, workers, and families to push boundaries, explore further, and live more fully. 

Originally developed and rigorously tested in Australia for 45 years, REDARC possesses the resilience to excel in demanding conditions. Wherever your endeavors lead, count on REDARC to deliver unmatched durability and performance.

Its systems are designed with the understanding that every journey is unique, and every explorer’s needs are different. But the common thread? The need for reliable, efficient, and versatile power solutions that stand the test of time and terrain.

This post is sponsored by REDARC.

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